Additional Embroidery for Stuffies

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Embroidery on the bottom or back of the animal is available at an additional cost (often used for sayings like "Love Auntie Sue") etc. 

If you require additional embroidery on the bottom, back, or ear of the stuffie please be sure to add this item to your cart at checkout and add the info you would like embroidered in the notes section.

Please purchase this listing for each additional placement of embroidery (belly embroidery is included in the price of the stuffies) that you would like. (Example: you would add 2 x additional embroidery if you wanted a design on the back of the stuffie AND one on the bottom of the stuffie). 


Please note we DO NOT embroider on the feet of our stuffies.  Embroidery on the ears of stuffies can be done on certain stuffies and will show on the backside of the ear.  Certain stuffies like the bunny and monkey have long "fur", embroidery can be done on these animals but will have fur in the design.  Please contact us if you are unsure about the additional embroidery prior to purchasing.  

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